Why Yamakoshi Koi Food?

yamakoshi koi pond food
Yamakoshi Premium Quality Floating Pond Koi Food is the result of years of the most advanced bio-technical research available combined with standard, time-tested and proven Koi nutrition.
Yamakoshi is unsurpassed in the industry, even when compared to foods that cost much more.
You’ll observe the following results: 
Enhanced color
Increased growth
Improved overall health
Superior digestibility
Clearer water
yamakoshi floating pond koi food

Fish food ingredient labels should begin with high quality proteins.


This should include quality fish meal, durham wheat flour, and wheat germ meal.
Fillers like corn, soybean, or wheat middlings should never be near top or even in any of their ingredients. They can have adverse effects on fish if they have fillers in their feed.
  • Fish are forced to eat more food to get their nutritional requirements
  • Food is less digestible and can damage the fish’s digestive tract
  • Poor water quality
Yamakoshi Premium Quality Floating Pond Koi Food contain no fillers and can be digested more completely. It is like feeding a dog or cat; cheap, poor quality food means less nutrition for your pet and more clean-up for you.  The same goes for fish food. Good food means that there is much less waste in the pond and the filter system. This equals healthier fish and less work for the pond keeper.


Unlike dogs & cats fish nutritional requirements are different. They do not need as high a protein level food, because they do not consume as much energy to live.
They need less energy to maintain their place in the water/to generate heat/excretion of their waste.
Fish cannot synthesize vitamin C so it needs to be added to their food in the form of stabilized vitamin C.
Excretion of waste is accomplished in 2 ways. Solid elimination, IE: Muck in the pond and filter that you visually see and you must clean out. The other is none visual and must be checked with test kits. Is elimination through the fish’s gills. Ammonia is one of the most potent killers in the pond.
Yamakoshi’s quality is unparalleled, its value unbeatable, its health benefits are invaluable. Whether you’re an experienced Koi enthusiast, a seasoned water gardener or a newcomer to the hobby, Yamakoshi is the Perfect Floating Pond Koi Food.
    If you're not currently satisfied with your current pond food, give us a try and I welcome testimony and feedback of our products.